Saturday, January 01, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

01. The Volebeats-s/t
02. The Surfites-The Surfites and Co.
The Hot Shots-Teen Street
04. The Riverdales-Tarantula
05. Jonathan Richman-O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth
06. The Ugly Beats-Motor!
07. Outrageous Cherry-Seemingly Solid Reality
08. The Mullens-It's Hard to Imagine
09. Ted Leo-The Brutalist Bricks
10. The Parting Gifts-Strychnine Dandelion

Top Reissues/Archival/Comps/Out-of-print rips:
01. Book a Trip: Psych Pop Sounds of Capitol Records
02. The Servicemen-Meet...The Servicemen
XIT – Entrance
Spur-Spur of the Moments
05. Tracey Dey-The Singles Collection-1962-1966

Single of the Year:
The United Space League-"Water Under The Bridge/"You Told Me a Lie"